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Why Reality Ed?


We Get It!

We know teachers are dedicated to their craft and want to use the most current, research-based teaching strategies out there.  We also know teachers are inundated with tedious, professional development that is not impactful when applied to their reality of their work experience. Hence the creation of Reality Ed !  We aim to provide relevant, research-based, online PD experiences from experts in the trenches!  Our goal is to equip teachers with practical, yet scientifically sound, pedagogy.  


We Believe...

What binds us together as educators is our desire to make a difference in the life of a student!  At Reality Ed,  we believe ALL teachers want to improve their instruction and we aim to bridge the gap between science and practice by providing teachers with meaningful & dynamic teaching strategies.  We are on a mission to improve the trajectory of learning for children with diverse educational needs.  


How we got here...

Reality Ed was conceptualized after observing the ongoing need for engaging, practical and relevant professional training for teachers on the “front lines” of education. After years of delivering and participating in “one size fits all” professional development seminars, we (and the rest of the country for that matter…) recognize the need for change.  With an ongoing commitment to bringing quality education research to those practicing in the “trenches”, Reality Ed aims to empower teachers with both theoretical science and practical knowledge to utilize powerful instructional approaches in the classroom.   

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