Marianne Nice M.S. CCC-SLP


Marianne received her master's degree in speech-language pathology in 1998 from the University of New Hampshire.   She began her career as a full-time SLP in elementary, middle and high schools  before leaving in 2003 to pursue her life-long dream of starting a private practice.    Marianne pursued her reading specialist credentials in 2008 and began consulting to schools on MTSS/RTI models.  She is trained in over 11 different reading intervention programs and speaks both locally and nationally on best practices in  literacy instruction, closing achievement gaps in reading and implementation of MTSS models.   Presently, Marianne consults to over 10 schools.  She provides case consultations, reading/dyslexia evaluations and leads schools in whole-school change movements to improve academic systems of support.  


Honors, Awards, Trainings...

  • 1998 Basil Mott Award for Outstanding Leadership & Scholarship  (UNH School of Health & Human Services)
  • 2002 Lead National Trainer for Reading with TLC
  • 2003 Massachusetts Reading First Initiative (Teacher Academy Trainer)
  • Reading Specialist Credential 2009
  • Formally trained in over 11 reading intervention programs (LiPS, Visualizing/Verbalizing, Seeing Stars, Lively Letters, all Project Read programs, RAVE-O, Wilson 2-day, Keys to Literacy, S.P.I.R.E)
  • Vetted by the NH DOE as a Turnaround Coach for the State of NH
  • 45+ hours of Orton-Gillingham coursework and LETRS training
  • Seven-time speaker at the ASHA National Convention
  • Vetted as a DIBELS NEXT/ Acadience Reading Mentor
  • Trained as a Keys to Literacy coach
  • Formal training in MTSS/RTI development through the National Center on Response to Intervention
  • International Dyslexia Association Certification (Structured Literacy Teacher) 
  • 2016-2018 UNH Adjunct Graduate Faculty (Comm908 Language & Literacy Disorders Instructor)
  • 2018 ASHA ACE Award winner



National Experts

I have known Marianne Nice professionally for almost 25 years, and her dedication and commitment to her profession has been apparent in every one of her many accomplishments. Her passion for helping children build their literacy skills is obvious, and Marianne goes over and beyond the call of duty to close achievement gaps and ensure academic success. What I appreciate most, though, is the way that Marianne takes her vast knowledge in the fields of speech and reading and presents the information to colleagues and parents in a way that is clear and  methodical with a style that is endearing and engaging. As a reading with TLC National Trainer, she is recognized as one of our most effective presenters. We are very thankful to be able to work with Marianne  Nice– she is a gem!

Penny Castagnozzi

Co-director of Reading with TLC

Author of Sight Words You Can See

Teacher Testimonials

As a whole-school change facilitator, Marianne helped chart a new course for our school with regard to our literacy practices.  She helped us integrate  a variety of techniques and routines into our interventions that align with best practices in reading as well as helping us to become more proficient at and consistent with using progress-monitoring tools.  Now we have a higher rate of release from out Tier reading support and fewer referrals to the special education process.  School change is never easy, but with Marianne's professionalism, humor, and her deep well of resources, our school holds Marianne in very high esteem.

Jane Pollard, M. Ed.

Reading Specialist

No matter the question I have about Literacy, Marianne Nice has the answer most of the time.  When she doesn't, she knows someone who does and gets back to me quickly.

Over the past 9 years of working with our reading consultant, Marianne Nice, our school has come from celebrating the few students who closed the gap to fretting over the few students who don't.

Joe Metz (Kindergarten Teacher)

Valuable asset to our District, whether for struggling readers or whole school improvement.  Great leadership skills!

Kim White, M.Ed.

It is because of Marianne's contributions that I have gone from

being a mediocre reading teacher, to a skilled reading instructor

that can confidently increase the reading ability of all students

(especially struggling ones). Marianne's widespread knowledge

in reading instruction is a resource that anyone would be lucky to have.

Lena Houle

First Grade Teacher

Administrative Testimonials

".... Thanks to her expertise, our teachers are not only good at

diagnosing reading issues, but they also work together to provide

appropriate interventions tailored to each student’s needs. We have

successfully reduced the number of children identified for special

education in our school and increased our reading scores across all

grades. Marianne is a team-builder and trainer loved by our students

and staff."

Jude Chauvette

Curriculum Director

"Working with Marianne has transformed the way we talk about

students in our school. "

Chris Sousa


Parent Testimonial

Words cannot express enough how Marianne has been a positive influence in my daughter's life. First as a consultant to the speech pathologist that worked with my daughter at her elementary school and then as my daughter's outside speech pathologist, seeing her one on one. Marianne created a plan of instruction and assessments that effectively showed strategies to both my daughter and the staff at her school that were crucial for my daughter's needs toward becoming an independent learner in the classroom despite her language based disability. The strategies and practices that Marianne has put forth has enabled my daughter to be more confident in the classroom and overcome any obstacles that would impede her progress to accessing the curriculum. I would highly recommend Marianne to any institution as a consultant, advocate and as a  model of best practices to use in the area of language based disabilities. I would also recommend Marianne to parents that are looking for an effective speech pathologist that uses both cutting edge techniques with previous learned ones that have withstood the test of time.

Christine, Parent, Newton NH